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Urbana Computers - FAQ

What makes you better than the competition?

Service. Experience. Common Sense. Ethics. An understanding of the customer. Innovation.

How Do I know you are a real company?

Unfortunately now a days you don't know who is a real company with experience and who isn't. The computer field has exploded with geeks, nerds, boys, and squads that have no idea about computers much less their customers. Many young geeks and nerds believe they can fix their computer so that gives them enough skills and training to call themselves computer technicians. Some of these people may have attended a school that gives a few weeks of overview which they call training and tell the students they can make big bucks upon completing the quickie course. And guess who they practice on, you the customer. Others believe there is good money to be had if they just stick a CD in the computer to run a virus scan. Your computer may work better after they leave, but not for long.

Still others open up a franchise with no computer or business experience what so ever. They hire a crew to go out and fix computers for a high cost without the years of experience to command such a high price. Do you think that low ball computer technician cares about your files, data, pictures, music? No, they don't have enough experience or get paid by the large company to care. And now large impersonal chain stores have joined the computer repair fields hoping to cash in and make the CEO even richer at your expense.

If you think good help is hard to find, Urbana Computers is here to tell you it is. We know just how difficult it is to find a computer person with attention to detail and the basic understanding of giving the customer the best value for their money! But Urbana Computers has the knowledge, experience, and understanding needed.

I took my computer to "Best Blunder" and they lost all my data, how do I know you won't?

Urbana Computers will back up your data if it exists so you get your computer back the way it was only better. We won't erase your computer and hand it back an empty shell void of all data and programs. We understand the importance of the data on your computer because we have important documents, financial information, pictures, and music on ours!

We are very successful getting back data you thought was lost forever if you call us immediately. We once had a customer call us in a panic because he lost the novel he was working on. He begged for Urbana Computers to get back anything we could. He was thrilled when we returned his computer with every single page of his novel, his family members are now residential customers also.

You say you have experience, what does that entail?

With over 15 years experience working for various organizations and companies in the Baltimore/Washington area, the Computer Man has learned a thing or two. A few companies include: Reliable Data Systems (RDS), California Microwave, Aerotech, ICMA, Northrop Grumman, NAACP and Marriott. As the Urbana Computers we have helped Non Profits , Charitable organizations, small to medium business and corporations as well as individuals with their computer and web design needs at very reasonable rates.

What companies can you help with?

Doesn't matter if you are a one person landscaping business, a realty office, a twenty plus trucking operation or a large construction crew, Urbana Computers can help your business and its computers. No matter what field your business is in, we offer our services. Some of the most technologically advanced offices we service are over the garage or in the basement! Urbana Computers even understands the older technology your office may be using to save money.

Urbana Computers can design, create, redesign, and host your business website to fit your needs.

Sounds expensive!

If you are a small company or a professional such as a Doctor and believe computer services are just too expensive for you, think again! You can afford to keep your data and information safe and secure with our various plans. We offer great discounts for maintenance programs to every business or profession.

Urbana Computers also offers flat rates for services as well as hourly rates depending on business or individual considerations. So call and find out how reasonable years of knowledge, experience, and understanding can cost!

We offer very reasonable and competitive rates to individual and residential consumers. Just think, all of that experience for less than the big chains and the same pricing as folks with less experience.

Web services provided are very reasonably priced for either web and e-mail hosting or web design and web creation.

What products does Urbana Computers suggest?

See our products page for links and ideas.

Why do you service so many areas?

The areas we service are typically 45 minutes away or less. However, we have some referral customers in areas of Virginia and Baltimore City that are further. These customers heard about the Computer Man from friends and family and wanted the high level of service we provide. If you haven't been able to get the service and experience you want from the other computer companies call Urbana Computers.