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Urbana Computers - PC & MAC Repairs

Urbana Computers is pleased to offer both onsite service for both businesses and homes.

We offer a unique plan for solving your issues. Here's how it works:

Lets say that your computer is running slow, or cannot access the Internet / Email. We will come out and will do a "best effort" during the 1st billable hour. If after the first hour, we don't feel that we are going to be able to solve your problem in a timely manner, WE TELL YOU!

Then we will offer you a few different solutions for your problem, and LET YOU DECIDE.

That way, you are in control over what you are spending, and not worrying about what it is going to cost you.

We also offer flat-fee rebuilds. Here how that works:

Your computer isn't booting up, or is running slow, etc....

Instead of having us come out and check your system out (see above), you can opt just to drop the computer off to us (we can pick it up too!) and we will do the following:

  1. Backup your data (files, pictures, movies, e-mails, address book, etc...)
  2. Erase your hard drive (or install a new on if you prefer)
  3. Re-install your licensed copy of the Operating System (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, etc...)
  4. While step 3 is being performed, we are scanning your data for viruses and spyware using special equipment designed to do so.
  5. After installing your Operating System, we will install all of the necessary patches (fixes) provided by the manufacturer.
  6. Then we will install a temporary Anti-Virus system *(just in case)*
  7. Last, we will restore your data.
  8. If requested, we can install software as well, but fees may apply.
  9. Then we arrange for drop off / pick up of your computer back to you!

Complete turn-around time on this service varies, but expect 48- 72 hours, but emergency expedited service is available (again for an extra fee).